1999, Gallery Sypka, Brno, Czech Rep.

Site specific video installation at Gallery Sypka realized during an exhibition project "Laboratory" organized by House of Art Brno.
The gallery is placed at a historical building - a barock style granary located among the fields at the countryside. The concept of this project is therefore based on the theme of relations of agricultural production with its mythologies and rites. I selected about 50 different names of gods and goddess from various world religious and mythological systems and covered the windows of the granary with them. Onto the central wall I projected a video of the wheat field right before the harvest. (The exhibition was held at the time of harvest too) This golden-like field served as kind of an altar image for an imaginary shrines of cult. In front of the projecting wall was placed table covered by white plastic table-cloth. There were little hills of corn, rice and grain on the table picturing an offerings. At the same room was one more video on TV monitor - The Wasp; wasp dying after hit by an insecticide spray. There is a symbolical death almost in every myth on agriculture: the grain has to die buried in the ground first to become possible to reborn again. "Aranmanoth" is an old Celtic name for the month of harvest.